Your bi and lesbian friendly hotel - is my casa embraced by the Alps of Switzerland

  • Gay, bi, polyamor and lesbian-friendly hotel or lodgings to overnight or stay for longer in Switzerland
  • On route from Paris to Vienna, Munich to Milan, Venice to Amsterdam, Berlin to Rome, 1 hour from Lucerne and Zurich. Midway between Germany and Italy, Austria and France.
  • Both affordable and comfortable. Among the cheapest hotels you can find for only Euro 24 per person per night. Low price but high on comfort.
  • Best combined Alpview and Lakeview you will find in Switzerland
  • Shared apartment with shared hotel rooms. Great choice of single, double and triple tatami beds or mattresses. Best in class bedding.
  • Are you married or single looking for a date; to get to know someone; or seeking a long time relationship? Bring a friend or even find one here and get to know each other in one of the best relaxed friendly pansexual alp facing country hotel in Switzerland.
  • We already have 4.9 stars on Google under our traditional name The Outdoor Retreat
  • More photos below
  • See you soon and often

The background story

I have been running as a very small side business, a little guest house at my home in the Swiss Mountains called The Outdoor Retreat. My place has only three rooms but over time I have bought a lot of high quality bedding and mattresses and made the place look nice. The place has one of the best views one can find anywhere.

Sometimes I would invite a group of people and we would go for hikes, cook together, dance and have a really good time. This atmosphere could also develop with regular guests.

A lot a women who have been dating have told me it is really hard and that they consistently think of giving up because the men tend to pursue them so aggressively with only one thing in mind.

Having already thought that my place would be a perfect place for people to get to know each other. I have refined my idea considering what I said above, focusing on friendship and on everyone except the pushy single hetero-sexual men.